Rules of procedure

Hello and welcome to our home!

We are delighted that you have chosen La Crocherie for your stay.

Before you settle in and make yourself at home, we’d like you to familiarize yourself with the Internal Regulations and General Conditions of Occupancy of this furnished tourist accommodation. Understanding and respecting them will help everyone have a comfortable and enjoyable stay!

Careful reading of the house rules guarantees that your deposit will not be reduced on departure.

Treat your home with the same respect as your own. We’ve gone to great lengths to make it a pleasant space for you to enjoy.

Make sure you maintain a good level of cleanliness throughout your stay – it’ll make your departure much easier! And don’t forget the dishes!

Accidental damage can happen. Please keep us informed immediately.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us! However, out of respect for your neighbors, we would be grateful if you could keep the noise to a minimum.

Please make sure you read and understand the house rules at the start of your stay. If anything is unclear, please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can explain in more detail to avoid any misunderstandings.

We wish you a lot of fun and hope you make the most of our accommodation, its facilities and the opportunity to relax and visit the surrounding area.

La Crocherie team


In order to facilitate the preparation of the accommodation between each tenant, please respect these arrival and departure times:

  • Arrival times are scheduled in the afternoon from 3:00 pm.
  • Departure times are scheduled in the morning before 11:00 am.

This accommodation is rented to you for a period defined at the time of booking. Under no circumstances may a customer claim any right to remain in the premises outside this period.


We’ll be there to welcome you, but for maximum convenience and to enable you to arrive and leave at a time of your choosing, we’ve also put a key box at your disposal.

  1. You will receive the key box code by e-mail and SMS before your arrival.
  2. After entering your code, press the “padlock” symbol to open the key box.
  3. At the end of your stay, please return the key to the key box.


In particular, we provide you with :

  • Bed linen (sheets, comforters and pillows).
  • Household linen (towels, tea towels, etc.).

Please take good care of them and report any accidents to us.


Smoking is strictly prohibited in all our gîtes.

Customers must dispose of their cigarette butts in an appropriate manner and must not, under any circumstances, throw them into the grounds of the Property or onto the public highway. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a deduction from the security deposit.


Customers are fully responsible under all circumstances for the safety of their children and for any disturbance caused to the neighbourhood;

Guests and Visitors must make as little noise as possible so as not to disturb the residents of neighbouring properties, especially at night (e.g. from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m.) and during arrival and departure;

Noise pollution is prohibited at all hours and may result in termination of the Seasonal Rental Contract, eviction, loss of expenses incurred and deductions from the security deposit;

Customers and any Visitors must not behave in an antisocial manner. They are asked to minimize their immediate impact on the neighborhood and local residents.


Customers are allowed to invite a maximum number of Guests at any one time during their stay according to the maximum capacity of the accommodation booked:

  • Gîte des Elfes : 4 + 2 Visitors max

Customers are responsible for ensuring that the maximum number of Visitors is not exceeded, and that Visitors comply with the Internal Regulations.

Customers wishing to invite Visitors to stay overnight at the Seasonal Rental Property must inform us at the time of booking, subject to any additional charges indicated in the price list (in particular tourist taxes).

It is strictly forbidden to hold parties or any other type of large-scale gathering in the Seasonal Rental;

All small-group gatherings must comply with the other rules stipulated in these regulations, in particular with regard to Noise, Neighbourhood and the number of Visitors allowed.


Customers and visitors are required to dispose of their garbage and recycling waste in the garbage cans provided.

Under no circumstances should litter be left in public areas or common areas.


Each time Customers leave the Holiday Home, they are responsible for ensuring that all windows and doors are closed and/or locked in order to preserve the security of the accommodation and to prevent potential rain damage.

Customers must turn off lights, fans and electronic devices such as televisions when not in use in order to save energy.


Pets are allowed in our gîtes, but to facilitate the work of our maintenance staff, please pick up their hair and other droppings before you leave.


All broken items and damage must be reported to us as soon as possible.

Failure to report may result in the security deposit being withheld.

To avoid breakage and damage, furniture must not be moved from one room to another without prior agreement.

Please also note that towels must not leave the property.


Violation of any rule included in these Internal Regulations and General Conditions of Occupancy constitutes a breach of the Rental Contract.

The Owner and Manager reserve the right to terminate the occupancy permit and evict from the Seasonal Rental Property any Customer or Visitor who refuses to abide by the Internal Regulations or causes a nuisance that disturbs neighbors or other residents of the community.


In case of need, you can contact us by e-mail or by phone:

E-mail :

Tel: +339 72 85 92 51 (9:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.)

Site :